Professional Car sale & Hiring Services

Professional Car Sales & Hire

Our portfolio of global solutions for travellers offers easy ways to rent vehicles with dedicated & convenient offer for domestic & international rentals. Our tailor-made rates will make your car rental process simple and transparent.

Our great service on offer is designed to ensure client flexibility, comfort and convenience. We follow strict ethical standards to our employees and clients. Our well-trained personnel is ready to serve, compliment and provide attention to customer service and our fleet of fine quality rental cars and car hire products. We provide more than just traditional car rental services, our special car rental offers affordable to ensure satisfaction and financial inclusion to our customers.

We have on offer high range of vehicles from the standard vehicles, SUVs, 4×4, Luxury cars, Luxury buses and commercial vehicles. And because you need to save time to stay focused on what really matters, benefit from diverse fast pick-up solutions as well as direct desk-less access to vehicles.

When you rent a car from VIPAFRICAR fleet you know you’re in safe hands, from the moment you collect the keys to when you hit the open road.


Our Services

We Sell & Hire Vehicles

You have to invest money to buy the car and maintain it until you sell it.
You have to deal with the legal and administrative aspects of transferring ownership of the car, such as registration, taxes, insurance, etc.
You have to compete with other sellers who may offer better prices or services. 

You can generate a steady income from renting the car to different customers over time. You can retain ownership of the car and use it for your own purposes when it is not rented. You can hire a car for anyone who needs it for the short term, such as tourists, business travelers, etc.


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